Friday, February 28, 2014

Shellie May exploring the airport


I think it came from Paradise Bakery. It wasn't great, but I needed something to eat. (Especially since I left my snacks at home--d'oh!)

Moving sidewalk!

And while I was waiting to get on the airplane I saw this suitcase. Doesn't it look like hidden Duffys (a la Hidden Mickeys)???

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Duffy and Shellie May are going on a new trip!

So my Duffy, Shellie May, and Dusty are going on a new vacation! Here Shellie May is with her good friend Mintsy (I made her!) and my mom's Duffy ("Ted") and her Tippy Blue.

Where do you think my bears are going?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Walt Disney Archives at the Reagan Library (2013)

After our Disney trip, we went to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, which (at the time) had a Disney exhibit! You can read about it at this (unrelated) blog.

I didn't get many pictures with the bears, but it was a lovely place. (Especially the Disney things!)

This is a necklace made of bones and things by prisoners of war in Vietnam.

This is a replica of Reagan's Oval Office.

I figured Tiny Shellie May was my bear who most needed to learn about American history!

1980s-era Air Force One!

And a giant window onto Simi Valley.

The Disney exhibits!

Remembering some of Walt's earliest work, the Alice Comedies.

The animator's desk was cool.

Old maquettes, if I recall correctly.

Clothing models.

The books they used for the live-action intros of the first three princess movies.

The mechanical bird that inspired the Enchanted Tiki Room and audio-animatronics.

This is a replica of Walt Disney's office.

I could've sworn I saw a Narnia book in here, but maybe that's my mind being funny. The placard said he had books on the shelves by people like C.S. Lewis, though...

Fabric swatches for Mary Poppins' traveling costume.

If you look hard, you can make out Tiny Duffy!

Edward's outfit from Enchanted. I'm not sure if the sleeves look even puffier in person than they do in the film.

Giselle's famous wedding dress.

Queen Narissa's outfit is impressive.

The display (and the related song on the soundtrack for the exhibit) tempts me to see the live action Alice in Wonderland.


 Car from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

Boat from Peter Pan Flight!

MURPHY THE DRAGON (or her head) from Fantasmic!

Seeing this up close was just about worth the price of admission.

 Bear! (From the Country Bear Jamboree.)

If you quint, you can see some Captain America in the background. I would've taken good pictures if I would've known I would've developed a bit of a crush on him after I saw the movie. :P

This is the model of The Interceptor, if I recall correctly. It's not a bad size for Tiny Duffy, actually.

 The Black Pearl was so large, it was hard to fit into one frame.

Duffy is the king of cannibal island?

The parasols were a nice touch.


Such detail!

Murphy is terrifying.

Scar, you stay away from Ariel!

I was surprised to see Mittens and Rhino. (And next to WALL-E...convenient!)

And Mater is next to WALL-E AND EVE!

These are still Disney ended with some patriotic and Disney/Reagan items.


WHEW! That was a long visit!

Outside, looking down at Simi Valley.

 Duffy does not know much about politics, but he had fun visiting President Reagan's library.

And then back in our home, here's the gingerbread cookie I brought from Disneyland Resort! :D