Other Duffy Goodness

Other pages devoted to Duffy! I am not affiliated with the below sites, but I love to see more Duffy love. :) If I'm missing your page and you keep it active (at least one post or update/month), let me know!

Official Sites:
"Duffy" the Disney Bear (official Japanese site)

Duffy the Disney Bear at the Disney Store (US)

Duffy the Disney Bear (official US Facebook page)

Unofficial Sites: (which are often more fun!)

Duffy / The Disney Bear Discussion Boards on MiceChat

MyDuffyBear.com (ridiculously cute videos)

Duffy the Disney Bear Facebook Feed
Duffy, The Disney Bear

Shellie May the Disney Bear

Duffy and Shellie May

Duffy Brings Love (Tumblr)

Duffy Magic (Tumblr)

Duffy's Luggage

(updated 2/18/13)