Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shellie May and Duffy on Gadget's Go-Coaster

"FIRST RIDE on the Go-Coaster!" said Shellie May.

And here is some scenery.

"Our human took SO MANY PICTURES of all of these things when she was younger. She even made a little cardboard model of the place for her Gadget doll!"

"But that was before I was even born," said Duffy. "The human says that blueprint didn't used to be there. I think Gadget put it up to shade the Cast Member."

"The domino gates certainly weren't always there either," said Shellie May, "but Gadget wanted to make the waiting area safer. Now they keep people from getting into the roller coaster cars until they are ready!"


"Hey," said Duffy, "the human says that they used to have "blankets" made out of gum wrappers, she thinks...)

"I mean, WHEEEEEEE!"

"Then we went around and rode again and again. I think three times?" said Shellie May. "We were in a hurry to ride before the lines got long... MINI-MARATHON!"

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