Saturday, July 11, 2015

Treasures in Paradise in March 2015

"In about October 2010, 'Treasures in Paradise' started out as the ONLY store where you could buy ANY Duffy things in California," said Duffy. "That did not last long. And when they got rid of Duffy's meet-and-greet, they took out even more Duffy merchandise."

"THAT IS SO SAD!" said Shellie May.

"But there is still some stuff left," said Duffy. "Or there was in March 2015."

"Oh, hey! We are not for sale!" said Shellie May.

"There are still a few of the traveling trunks," said Duffy.

"And, then the human just went crazy and started taking photos of the things on the ceiling, since she likes old amusement park things," said Duffy.


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