Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ready to fly

"This is Los Angeles' international terminal! For some reason none of us understand, they waved us on into the priority lane of security. Someone behind us asked about going through even though they weren't entitled to, and they just sent the whole group, including lucky!!!"

Frozen yogurt!  (That was my breakfast/lunch.)

We are ready to fly Singapore Airlines from LAX to Narita!

OH MY GOODNESS they were SO GOOD. The food was pretty good, with 2 hot meals (with ice cream!) and a sandwich in-between. 

First dinner (I got the international selection and it was outstanding!)

We got served this about 1.5 or 2 hours after takeoff (5:15 PM Los Angeles time).


Also ice cream!

They brought around snacks. (9:51 PM Los Angeles time)


I probably should have gotten the pork, but I'd just had pork like 7 hours before.  (This was at 12:55 AM Los Angeles time!)

The service was excellent and the Economy class seats were comfortable and the seat-back entertainment was very good.  They had short language lessons you could take, so Shellie May and I brushed up on our Japanese.


I also watched Toy Story 2 in Japanese with Chinese subtitles (instead of "nooooooo" I believe Buzz said "dame daaaaaaaaaaaa"), a Japanese movie ("Orange" which involves changing the past which is always interesting for me), and an Anime film "The Anthem of the Heart" (a little funny but kind of sad).  I also listened to a Coldplay album while I journaled.  The flight left about 3:45 PM, I think it was, and arrived in Japan about 7:15 PM the next day, so I just stayed awake the whole time.

Seriously! Singapore Airlines is great!


  1. Love Singapore Airlines!!! They are one of the best in the world!

    I CAN'T WAIT to hear about Duffy and Shellie May's adventures in Tokyo! :D

    1. I'd never flown internationally before but wow, they were amazing. Can't say enough good things! :D