Friday, April 29, 2016

Shellie May on a Limousine Bus

Then Shellie May and I boarded a "Limousine Bus!" That is just an airport shuttle with a fancy name.  It did not feel very fancy when some loud Americans were talking about Tokyo Disney Resort.  They were going to the parks the very next day!  (They had some misinformation, like that you have to print out the tickets on LETTER size paper.  They actually need to be printed on A4 paper.  But the person saying letter size paper was so adamant, I did not dare suggest she was wrong!)

It was too late at night to get a shuttle to Tokyo Disney Resort but it took us to the Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay, where we got out and got a taxi. It took a while for a taxi to come (I think the friendly bellhop had to call one for us!) but soon we were at our hotel. Hotel MyStays Maihama! not sure if I got any photos of it, but not tonight.

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