Thursday, May 2, 2013

Duffy's Spring-ish Voyage - Part 25

Tiny Duffy and I are still on the 101-year-old Great Lakes Freighter the James M. Schoonmaker!

Sometimes it is very handy to have magnets in your paws.

This looks like some kind of clock and/or radio...

It was a fairly small space, so basically you'd explore a few rooms, then go up a steep flight of stairs!

From the guide signs (except my photo had a glare):

The Captain's Cabin was one of the finest spaces aboard the ship as it offered an exceptional deck view in addition to its luxury. Also, note the (illegible) unique dresser. If you were to (illegible) on your floor at home it would lean to one side. Each piece of furniture woodwork aboard the vessel was custom crafted to the exact curvature of the ship.

"Wow!" said Tiny Duffy.

One of the neatest things was that since it was a work-in-progress, the drawers tended to open. And tended to be stocked with necessary supplies for restoration, like light bulbs (if I recall correctly). I assume when it opens with the maritime museum in the area, it will be a bit more secured.

For some unknown reason I felt compelled to take a picture of this.

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