Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Duffy's Spring-ish Voyage - Part 27

Tiny Duffy and I are still on the then-101-year-old Great Lakes Freighter the James M. Schoonmaker!

From the guide: "You are now viewing the ship's navigational space known as the Pilothouse. This space was manned by a navigational officer and wheelsman, as well as the Captain at any given time. Upon her launching this vessel was the platform for many industry "firsts" which included her being the first Great Lakes vessel to have: wireless telegraph, dual steering gear systems, a general alarm system, and an engine direction indicator.

"Whee, I'm a captain!" said Tiny Duffy.

Outside, Tiny Duffy's magnets again came in very handy in the wind.

So Titanic-y.

The scenery was pretty, too.


"See you next time!"

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